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Asthma definition | Symptoms and Causes

Asthma definition | Symptoms and Causes 

 Asthma is a disease that causes problems in breathing. Due to the compression of the respiratory tract, air circulation in the lungs is not properly and the breathing becomes unbearable. In this disease, problems arise when there is a sound coming from the breath, stiffness in the body, mucus in the lungs, and the decrease in the breath. Asthma is a deadly disease, so do not ignore it and treat it on time.

Asthma definition | Symptoms and Causes
Asthma definition | Symptoms and Causes 

Asthma symptoms 

1. In Asthma disease, there is a dry cough in the initial period.

2. Due to the low volume of air in the lungs, the stiffness starts to be felt.

3. The sound of a whistling while breathing is also a symptom of Asthma.

4. In Asthma disease, the problem of breathing increases after midnight and this problem increases greatly in the morning.

5. Do not get breath properly even after breathing heavily, and wheezing occurs while breathing.

6. Putting more emphasis while taking the breath in and out.

7. Having difficulty breathing in extremely cold weather and putting more emphasis on breathing, the patient's face turns red, it is a symptom of Asthma.

Asthma Causes

1. Air pollution is considered to be the biggest cause of asthma. Because there is a lot of contaminated substances in the air. Corrupted substances found in the air affect our respiratory tract.

2. Smoking is also a cause of Asthma. Cigarette smoke contains various types of chemicals and gas which affect our breathing hose. This smoke of cigarette accumulates in the lungs of our body, which makes breathing difficult.

3. Asthma disease increases as consuming certain drugs (aspirin and son-blockers).

4. Using alcohol increases Asthma disease because alcohol and beer sulfur dyes are high. Increasing the amount of sulfur dye in the body causes asthma.

5. Asthma is also genetic. If there is an Asthma disease in the family, then the probability increases in the child.

6. Asthma disease grows rapidly in more cold and more heat seasons.

7. This disease can also be caused by exposure to pets because there are many diseases in animals.

8. This disease is also caused by excessive consumption of eggs.

9. This can also be done due to the negligence of foodie hot and cold ingredients.

10. This can be, by eating more fried food and more salt chilies.

11. Along with age, Asthma disease increases.

Can asthma cured

1. Hot water should be consumed in excess of Asthma. Because hot drink opens up our breathing hose and the patient gets rid of the trouble of breath.

2. In winter, the patient should sleep in the hotbed.

3. Asthma patients should not consume chilies and spices.

4. Avoid breathing in the contaminated air, if you face such a situation then your nose and mouth should be tied to the handkerchief and scarf.

5. Alcohol and tobacco should not be consumed.

6. To avoid Asthma, worry should remain free.

7. Consult a doctor and take medicines when the disease progresses.

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