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Cataracts Problems, Symptoms and Treatment

Cataracts Problems, Symptoms and Treatment

What are Cataracts?

Cataract problem is a disease associated with eyes that occur due to age or any other reason that the transparency of the eyes lenses decreases, hence the light does not enter the eyes properly and that process is not properly fulfilled. It is because of which we are able to see any scene correctly and in such a way, we do not see anything clearly and things look dim.

Cataracts Problem

Causes Cataracts

Cataract is often caused by a growing age. But this is not the only factor of age, in fact, it can be responsible for any type of injury in the eyes, diabetes, and long-term medicines during any other illness. Occasionally surgery due to any other type of problem can also cause cataracts.
The lens inside the lens works like a camera. It focuses light on the retina, making things look clear. The lens is made up of water and protein. Protein is attached to the lens in such a way that it keeps the lens clean so that the light can cross. With aging, some proteins are gathered in one place and stored on one part of the lens. In this case, glaucoma is caused by the formation of excessive protein in the lens of the eye, which makes the lens blurred. It does not let the light go completely through the lens, which does not appear clearly with the eyes. In this case, all new lens cells are deposited on the outside of the lens, whereas all the old lens cells are gathered in the middle of the lens, which is called cataract.

Cataract Symptoms

Cataracts usually form slowly. The lenses of our eyes are made of a special type of protein known as the crystalline protein which allows the light to come in to keep the eyes clean and the image of the visible objects, and the smallest of the eyes It also strengthens small cells and strengthens our ability to see. In the case of cataracts, it happens that a hydrophobic layer is formed on the eyes of the lens, due to which there is the obstruction in the process of coming inside the light due to which the light does not come in the correct amount and that is why we see Capacity decreases also.
  1. Double vision in the affected eye
  2. The trouble with eyeglasses or contact lenses not working well
  3. The vision that’s cloudy, blurry, foggy
  4.  Nearsightedness (in older people)
  5. Changes in the way you see color
  6.  Problems driving at night ( glare from oncoming headlights)
  7.  Brightness in bright light
  8.  Two or three of an object can be seen.
  9.   Black spots appear in front of the eye
  10.  Blurred or horizontal, skewed of an object.

How to Avoid Cataracts

Causes of cataract are uncertain, so there is no sure remedy for this. Because cataract and glaucoma are common diseases occurring in the elderly. It is therefore important that you regularly check your eyes.

2. If people have problems with your eyes in your family, then it becomes more important for you to get the regular eye examination. Elderly people over the age of fifty years should have eye examinations once every two years.

3. Those who have a history of eye disease or any such disease, which can increase the eye problem, such as diabetes etc., they should also check their eyes as quickly as possible. Also, there should be ways to avoid such diseases.

4.  Ask your doctor this thing if you do not have the possibility of cataract or other such eye diseases, which can have a bad effect on your eyes. If this is the case then you need to be more careful.

Cataracts treatment

The only treatment for cataract is the operation. Those who do read-write work, have to perform an operation in less cataract. Cataract should not wait for ripening, because it also has the risk of cataract cracking, black hole and eye irritation.
Nowadays, cataract is treated with the untested operation such as Small Injection Cataract Surgery and Photo-elimination Cataract Surgery.
Made Easy with Modern Techniques
Recently, the state-of-the-art techniques of cataract surgery have developed microsecond laser-stated cataract surgery. There is no need for a blade for operation. This technique is used in operation laser. The entire process is under the supervision of the computer. After this, the person can do his regular work from the second day.